Westplan announces plans to re-develop 40 Forsyth Street (Atlanta)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Westplan announces plans to re-develop 40 Forsyth Street in downtown Atlanta. The new mixed use 4 story building will replace the current building and will accommodate extensive retail and activity space on the street level.

Ewoud Swaak, CEO of Westplan Investors: “When we purchased the building in 2009 after the recession we purchased it with the intent to re-develop it. Because the current building lacks structural integrity we decided to move forward developing a new building.  We are happy to announce that the economic climate is now such that we feel comfortable announcing our plans to re-develop the property and build a new building that is designed to fit the guidelines of the Fairlie-Popular district and will help to further enhance the economic development of this vibrant neighbourhood”.

Westplan (www.westplan.com) is a privately held company that owns and manages twenty-eight apartment properties with over 7,000 units and a commercial portfolio of approximately 650,000 square feet.

For further information, please contact Ewoud Swaak at 770-390-9378.